What is the MHB Knights of Nature?

Knights of Nature is a sustainability camp for young adults (18-25 years old) registered in an institute of higher learning in Johor that teaches participants various ways they can live a healthier, greener, more sustainable lifestyle. In turn, the Knights will go out into the community to teach others what they’ve learned, forming a veritable army for environmental change.

Forty lucky entrants will have an opportunity to attend this sustainability camp, for FREE! Apply now by filling out your details and answer a few questions and you might be chosen for this year’s camp!

When & where will it be?

Date: 10 & 11th December 2014
Venue: MHB Training Center West Yard

Why is EcoKnights organizing this?

We believe that environmental sustainability is and will continue to be an important issue for people from all walks of life. Whether doctor or teacher, entrepreneur or laborer, everyone will need to confront issues of environmental sustainability at some point. The Knights of Nature Sustainability camp aims to provide participants with the tools necessary to not only live sustainable lifestyles themselves, but also to impart their wisdom to friends, family, colleagues, and communities. To help the Knights spread the word, participants will be asked to create environmental modules or activities that can be presented to indigenous communities in Johor, particularly the Seletar indigenous group in Pasir Gudang.

Be a Knight of Nature

Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp 2014 is an inspiring and action packed camp specially designed for young adults with passionate hearts for Mother Nature. It is not only an exclusive learning experience with our current elite Knights but also an opportunity to build close friendships and have crazy amounts of fun! The best part is this exclusive camp is completely free to participants, as the camp is fully sponsored by the Malaysian Marine & Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad (MHB)!


The curriculum for the Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp has been developed with a vision of delivering a weekend long camp for students between the ages of 18 and 25. The goal of the camp is to increase knowledge and awareness about the global ecological crisis with the hope that these efforts will help moderate the behaviour of future generations and inspire political action for positive environmental and social change. Lessons will cover a variety of topics pertinent to indigenous communities such as water, the environment in general, and community services for Kampung Orang Asli Seletar. The camp curriculum will be conducted by experts in related industries who will train the Knights to serve these indigenous communities.

Camp Objectives

  • Increase knowledge on environmental and sustainable lifestyles within a fun and creative atmosphere;
  • Promote sustainable actions in daily life; and
  • Develop essential qualities like teamwork, leadership, time management and problem solving skills.
  • Train camp goers to be an “army of change” so they can spread environmental & social awareness to various communities around the country.
  • Create environmentally specific modules that will aid in post-camp awareness efforts.

Camp Activities

  • Hands-on field explorations related to environmental concerns for indigenous groups in Johor
  • Amazingly fun sustainability workshops with industry experts;
  • To produce a module/activity that will be used later (as their commitment) to serve the communities around
  • Unique outdoor locations and recreational opportunities along with the chance to network with industry experts and other, like-minded individuals.
  • Work with local Orang Asal groups on various projects

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At the camp, you will:

  • Heighten your level of environmental awareness
  • Learn about Mother Nature and sustainable lifestyles in a fun and creative ambience.
  • Develop positive qualities like teamwork, leadership, time management and problem solving skills.
  • Learn to implement sustainable actions in daily life.
  • Learn how to produce a module/activity and conduct the activity for the communities (school & indeginous people)