Knights of Nature Sustainability Camps, 10 & 11 December 2014, Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Venue: MHB Training Centre, MHB West (Saturday) & Kg. Pasir Putih, Pasir Gudang (Sunday)
Time: 8am - 6pm (Saturday), 8am - 2.30pm (Sunday)

Wednesday, 10th December 2014

8:30 AM Registration & breakfast
9:00 AM Introduction to ‘MHB Knights of Nature
9:05 AM Safety briefing
9:10 AM Speech by MHB Management representative
9:15 AM Introduction by EcoKnights/MHB on the Knights of Nature Johor
Ice breaking sessions and briefing by EcoKnights
9:45 AM Workshop Session 1: Learning About The Indigenous Communities
10:30 AM Premiere screening of Sunset Over Selungo to all guests & participants
11:15 AM Refreshment
11:30 AM Workshop Session 2: Discussion On The Film (Sunset Over Selungo)
12:15 PM Workshop Session 3: How Do Youths Design Community Projects To Benefit Indigenous Communities?
1:15 PM Lunch and prayer time
2:00 PM

Workshop Session 4:

  • Grouping
  • Mission assigned
  • Brainstorming
  • Finalising activities
4:00 PM Tea break
4:30 PM Presentation by Participants to MHB Management representative
6:00 PM Certificates presentation
Group photo opportunity
Survey and feedback form
6:15 AM Debriefing and preparation for day 2
6:30 PM Session adjourned


Thursday, 11th December 2014

7:00 AM Participants gather at MHB West
7:30 AM Departing by bus to Kampung Pasir Putih
8:00 AM

Arrival at Kampung Pasir Putih
Briefing by EcoKnights, Fadly Bakhtiar

8:30 AM

Preparation of activities:

  • Kid's activities
  • Adult's activities
  • Beach Clean-up & Paint
9:15 AM Arrival of guests/ members of media
9:20 AM Arrival of MHB Management Committee, District Officer of Johor Bahru, Director of JAKOA Johor
9:25 AM Safety Briefing
9:30 AM Doa Recital
9:35 AM Welcoming remarks from emcee followed welcoming performance by the Children of Orang Asal Seletar Kg Pasir Putih with MHB volunteers
9:40 AM Video Montage presentation
9:45 AM Speech by Mr Dominique de Soras, MD & CEO of MHB
9:50 AM Speech by En Wan Assim Wan Sheikh, Director of JAKOA
9:55 AM Commemorating the Programme  - MD & CEO of MHB, DO of JB & Director of JAKOA Johor to sign on the painting of palm prints of Children of Orang Asal Seletar Kg Pasir Putih
10:00 AM Handover of mementos to District Officer & JAKOA  & Tok Batin
10:05 AM Visit the display of photos on MHB Cares activities at Orang Asal Seletar Kg Pasir Putih
10:10 AM MHB Cares activities:
  • Display of Children’s  Art Works
  • Asal Usul Orang Asal Seletar corner
  • MHB Knights of Nature talk
  • Medical Check-up area
  • Dental Check-up  area
10:30 AM Refreshment
11:00 AM End
11:30 AM  Activities for participants of MHB Knight of Nature begins
  • Kid's activities
  • Adult's activities
  • Beach Clean-up & Paint
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 AM Activities continue
2:30 PM MHB Cares 2014 ends